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Hi, welcome to my 'toolbox'.

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I know. This frontpage is so ugly.
(UPDATE: now it's a little better, just a little.)
(UPDATE2: color scheme is updated.)

(UPDATE3: a little Material Design.)

But it's really a Moth*****king Website.
It loads really fast, and functions well on both your PC and mobile phone. It even works on old browsers (e.g. IE6).
(UPDATE: now it doesn't fully work on old browsers.)

I am not going to write any fancy code to make it "looks like a modern website".

Just kidding, it's just under construction. I did write such code.


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Click on "popup" buttons to try open as a popup. It may not work as expected, depends on your browser.

More tools may be added in the future!


Service Worker

Service worker can help this site working offline and loading freakin' fast.

Current state: (checking...).


The title is "settings", even there's only one setting item for now.

These settings may affect other pages on this site.

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